The Program


A Special training “Program” for dance Professionals has been launched and is currently running under the newly created “ProDanceGroup” at the Tanz+ Zwicky location. This program is set-up for a high level ballet dancers intending to regularly participate in training classes during weekdays.


ProDanceGroup” was created in the interest of professional ballet dancers. The Group aims to bring together dance professionals, whereas, in addition to the specific training/classes, it offers a great platform to share experiences, thoughts and keep the movement flow going.


“The Program” is based on a “class sharing” system whereas each group member has the opportunity to bring in his knowledge, skills and strengths into the benefit of group.


For further information please contact Dmitry Khamzin. 



Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9.30-11.00



Tanz+ Zwicky

Am Wasser 1

8600 Dübendorf

The Studio is located 5 min. away from Stettbach-Zürich station.


Class sharing”: members can take part in all classes/training organized by the group. In exchange each participating member will lead, on rotation basis, a class.